Welcome to

Escape in 60!


We are delighted to have you and hope you’ll enjoy your time with us. Before entering our room, we would like to go over a few ground rules with you. These simple regulations not only protect our puzzles from unnecessary damage but also help you know how to best utilize your time, giving you a higher probability of success.


First, upon entering the room, you’ll notice a DO NOT symbol         placed sporadically on various things. As I’m sure you can guess, it means DO NOT touch. Use this as a helpful hint that you do not need to waste any of your precious time trying to solve something that isn’t a clue. Nothing is worse than spending vital minutes looking in all the wrong places.


Next, please respect our props. We have designed all of our clues in such a way that they will never be difficult to open. DO NOT try to yank on anything or it will merely end up broken. If something does break as a result of you trying to force it ajar, your game will immediately end and you will be charged a damage fee which won’t be any fun at all. So, please play intelligently.


On a different note, keep in mind that once inside the room, all doors will be closed. However, they will NOT all be locked. The original door you enter to get into the room will remain unlocked in case of an emergency. But please use it only in an emergency as your game will be terminated if it is opened, unless prior consent has been given.   


Lastly, you came here to have a good time and we hope to be able to provide that for you, so DO have fun. Feel free to explore the rooms in detail, think outside the box, and use your skills of detection to get out before the time is up. We hope it’s tricky.


       Good luck!